Diploma Programs

Admission Requirements

  • Academic Application with Letter of Intent and three Letters of Recommendation.
  • Bachelor’s degree or mature student with an appropriate background.
  • Official Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.

The Diploma programs may be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

Academic admission applications for the Diploma in Theological Studies and the Diploma in Lay Ministry are available from the Institute of Theology department (ioft@sastoronto.org). For more information on admissions please see the St. Augustine's Admissions Page.

Policies and Proceedures:

Please see the St. Augustine's Policies & Procedures Page.

Diploma in Theological Studies:

The Diploma in Theological Studies may be completed fully online.

To provide a program in theology in order that the student, who does not wish to pursue a degree, may investigate at greater depth and in a structured learning situation, the Catholic tradition of faith.

Goal: To assist theology students in their faith development through input and interaction in a structured learning situation.



The requirements for the Diploma of Theological Studies are:

Core Courses (7)

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Five other courses chosen from available Systematic and Moral Theology offerings.

Free Electives (3) May be taken in any area.


Diploma in Lay Ministry

Purpose: To offer to those already serving or hoping to serve as Lay Ministers the chance to enhance their ministry through theological education. This is not a certification program but rather a coordinated combination of introductory courses.

Goal: To provide a theological foundation allowing the student to focus on areas related to his or her personal ministerial goals.



The requirements for the Diploma in Lay Ministry are:

Core Courses (7)

  • Foundations in Theology
  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • General Survey Course in Church History
  • Introduction to Moral Theology
  • Sacramental Theology Course
  • Lay Ministry in the Diocesan Church

Elective Courses (3)

Emphasis in a particular area will be decided by each student in consultation with the Director of the Institute of Theology, in view of his or her ministerial goals.


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