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20179 Fall Session

SAB1081H F       L0101 NT Hermeneutics                           WERBYLO/SCOLLO/NUSCA

SAB2181H F       L0101 Prophetic Literature                        CHUNG, F

SAB2261H F       L0101 The Psalms                                    CHUNG, F

SAB2612H F       L0101 Synoptic Gospels                            WERBYLO, W

SAH1001H F       L0101 Early Christianity (to AD 600)           HOGAN, S

SAH2424H F       L0101 Modern Church History                    CIANI, A

SAJ1501H Y        L0101 Ecclesiastical Latin                          ABAD, J

SAP2112H F       L0101 Intro to Liturgy of Roman Rite          MCGOURTY, M

SAP2301H F       L0101 Introduction to Homiletics                LOVRICK, P

SAP2545H F       L0101 Pastoral Counselling                        LOMBARDI, J

SAP2708H F       L0101 Pastoral Norms: Sacraments             CAMILLERI, I

SAP3238H F       L0101 Priestly Spirituality                          HOGAN, S

SAP3257H F       L6101 Spirituality of Work                         JAMIESON, A

SAP3420H F       L0101 Religious Ed Practicum/Global          GRAHAM, D

SAT1101H F       L0101 Foundations of Theology                 GRAHAM, D

SAT1710H F       L0101 Critical Thinking                             REEVE, P

SAT1901H F       L0101 Fundamental Christian Ethics I         MURPHY, P

SAT1905H F       L6101 Moral Theology                              GITTENS, P

SAT2242H F       L0101 Christology                                    LOMBARDI, J

SAT2321H F       L0101 Creation, Anthropology, Sin             ANANG, C

SAT2431H F       L0101 Sacramental Theology I                  ALOZIE, J

SAT2601H F       L0101 Ecumenism                                   MARROCCO, M

SAT2705H F       L0101 Intro Philosophical Anthropology      MULROONEY, S

SAT2707H F       L0101 Intro to Moral Philosophy                MULROONEY, S

SAT2723H F       L0101 Early Western Philosophy                REEVE, P

SAT3181H F       L0101 Theological Integration                   ANANG, C

SAT3942H F       L0101 Papal Teaching on Social Justice      LYNCH, T

SAT3952H F       L0101 Bioethics                                      BELGRAVE, K

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