Seminary Leadership


Most Rev. Wayne Kirkpatrick                 President


Rev. Edwin Gonsalves                              Rector


Rev. John-Mark Missio                             Vice-Rector, Director of Liturgy


Rev. Luis M. Melo, S.M.                          Academic Dean


Rev. Walter M. Werbylo, C.S.B.             Dean of Students


Rev. Charles Anang                                  Director of Spiritual Formation


Rev. Peter Marr                                       Director of Pastoral Formation 
                                                                     Coordinator, Spiritual (Propaedeutic) Year 
                                                                     Chaplain, Diaconate Formation Program

Rev. Frederick Chung                              
Director of Pre-Theology Formation


Rev. John Yake, I.V. Dei                         Director, Spiritual (Propaedeutic)  Year


Dr. Linda Winter                                    Human Formation Counsellor


Ms. Sheila Connolly                                 Director, Institute of Theology & Coordinator of Operations


Deacon Peter Lovrick                           Coordinating Director, Diaconate Formation Program


Mr. Gregory Luciani                             Director of Library Services & Coordinator of Assessment


Dr. Josephine Lombardi                         Director, Field Education & Lay Spiritual Formation Program


Dr. Pamela J. Reeve                               Philosophy Program Counsellor


Mr. Thurstan Berkeley                         Bursar


Ms. Theresa M. Kelly                                Registrar and Academic Officer

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You may also call our main number at 416-261-7207.